Society and company

Society for professional cuddlers

The society for professional cuddlers was founded on the 8.11.2016 in Vienna by us, Elisa, Harald and Dirk, in order to support people who are interested in the cuddle business. The society offers an infrastructure and a stable and reliable frame for professional cuddlers and those who want to become one. You will get support an different levels: Visibility through the website and the possibility to publish your texts on the website. Visibility also through the PR work of the society. Network of like-minded people. Support for theoretical and practical questions concerning the cuddle business in the german-speaking part of Europe. Personal exchange in meetings and organizing events. Events like cuddle parties, lectures, etc.

Company The Cuddle Chest

The Cuddle Chest (Die Kuschel Kiste) was founded on 1. of july 2018. Since then our company trains people who want to become cuddler and hosts the online list for cuddlers, so that they can be booked by potential clients. In the meantime we watch our cuddlers closely, our ethical rules are most important to us.

If you want to join the cuddle chest, you can join us and be listed on our website for 25 Euros/month. This gives you the right to use the website and the logo. At the same time you commit yourself to taking part in a two day workshop in Leipzig (cost: 600 Euros). This way a general consensus about ethical aspects is established and a common knowledge about theoretical and practical aspects can be guaranteed. For legal aspects the society is not taking any responsibility. Moreover, you can play a part in all our activities as a guest or as an organizer, we are happy to have your input.

Here are some questions, that you should be able to answer with a clear YES, before you apply for the workshop and become a professional cuddler:

– Do I have enough time and a room for my clients?

– Am I non-smoker? (We only host non smokers on our website.)

– Can I have new customers without fear and worries?

– Am I ready to show my foto and my name on the internet on an official website, where also the media can see it an everybody else?

– Am I ready to cuddle with EVERYBODY, as long as they stick to the rules? No matter what looks, age, gender, opinion they have and despite my personal preferences?

– Can I give affection, even though I don’t get any back?

– Am I stable and steady enough to be confronted with the problems of my customer? (Sometimes they are in therapy.)

– Can I communicate with empathy and am I a good active listener?

– Can I cuddle with my customers without intentions or sexual arousal? Even if they are sexually attractive to me?

– Can I handle sexual arousal of my customers without problems?

– Can I feel and defend my boundaries and make every customer stick to the rules?

– Can I easily stick to ethical rules that forbid any private/friendship-like interaction with my customers?

– Do I have the financial means to invest in the workshop and the monthly fee? Without guarantee to earn money fast?

– Do I have a loving and supporting social network?

– Personal questions to ask yourself: Did I often hear that my cuddling is awesome? Can I cuddle with men and women equally? Can my ego handle it, that another person gets all the attention for hours and I get none? Can I handle it to just listen to the problems of my client without solving them?

If you can answer all these questions with a clear yes, you should apply at . After the workshop we will see if you fit into our cuddle chest, and I, Elisa, will take the decision with the other members of our society.

So, we are glad to hear from you!

Warm hugs from your Elisa!