Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1) The agreement for the appointment is binding. Cancellations or changes of the appointment must be communicated latest the morning of the day of the appointment. Everything else cannot be considered. Or the appointment will take place as agreed or has to be paid anyway. If anything sudden and grave happened, the appointment can be caught up on another day.

2) The customer should arrive to the cuddle session as described under “how it works”: Sober, not drugged and in a good hygienic condition. All infringements lead to a cancellation of the appointment and further appointments in the future.

3) The money for the session should be brought cash and it should be the exact amount. It should be handed over before the cuddling.

4) The customer can terminate the session at any point. Money will only be refunded latest after 10 minutes of cuddling.

5) The customer should always respect the boundaries of professional cuddling. Every infringement leads to an immediate termination of the cuddle session and future appointments. The money will not be refunded in this case. The customer receives the cuddle regulations and boundaries in an info sheet before the cuddle session. Moreover, an agreement between the cuddler and the customer has to be signed.

The main rules are:
– no touching in the bikini zone
– no kissing or other sexual acts
– no cold or other sickness
– no intense odors (like perfume, aftershave, smoke or sweat)
– no alcohol, drugs or other meds that alter your state
– no nudity

6) The professional cuddler always has the option to interrupt the cuddle session at any time. This can be the case when his personal or official limits are not being respected. If it is for personal reasons, the money is refunded.

7) The professional cuddler always has the option to deny the cuddling to a customer. This can happen out of official reasons. The consequences will be as in 2.

8) Professional cuddling is no substitution for therapy and should not be considered as such. The cuddle chest is not responsible for any incidents happening during or after the cuddle session. If the customer is having a professional therapy, he should ask the therapist for advice and if they recommend the cuddling. Otherwise the customer is fully responsible for his own mental and physical fitness.

9) The professional cuddler has to respect the pledge of secrecy. This means that everything that the customer sais during the cuddle session, has to remain between him and the cuddler. Statements that require legal action are an exception, as well as the situation of supervision, in which the cuddler tells about the cuddle session with a professional intention of council. This situation can involve a therapist or another cuddler.

10) Photos and other forms of recording are absolutely forbidden.