Those who cuddle enjoy many benefits. It feels good, it strengthens the body and the mind.But for us there is more to it: Cuddling is still partially taboo in our society. It is often related to sex and handled as a very intimate thing.

By the way, there is an article about the cuddle chest on!
Professional cuddling as vocation on

We wish for a neighbourhood, in which we can cuddle as much as we want and as much as we need. Where it is normal to cuddle, and it is part of our daily life.

Until we reach that goal, there is still a lot to do. We need to spread the information.

In this sense we wish you a lot of fun reading this page and watching the videos: Inform yourself!

Cuddling put in context

What does “touch” mean?

Why is touch so essential for human beings? In our society, there is a huge lack of touch, says Uwe Hartmann, professor for sexual medicine.

This harms our well-being on many levels. You can read more about it in the article of Birgit Herden in the the paper “Zeit“.

Filmmaker Kun Chang did a documentation about touch:

Touch – The Forgotten Sense from Kun Chang on Vimeo.

Therapeutical use

Human touch can be so healing that it is even used with therapeutical means. (This ist not part of our project though.)

Wikipedia article “Festhaltetherapie”

Wikipedia article  “Festhaltetherapie”.

Biological context

Those of you who want to know more about the connection between touch and physiological and psychological health should read these articles and books:

Artikel: “the power of touch”

Buch: “touch. The power of human connection.” 

Cuddle Parties

There is a huge movement of people who organize cuddle parties. At these parties a large group of people meet in a protected room to get in touch with others.

Wikipedia article  Kuschelpartys.

From Amerika with many offshoots in Europe.

For example Berlin:

 (official Website).

Professional cuddlers

Professional cuddling was probably born from the movement of cuddle parties. Here America is a forerunner again.

A documentation on Buzzfeed.

Dokumentation from Surrey 604 about professional cuddlers in the USA.

cuddlr App (Apple Store)