Welcome to our cuddle website!

We love to cuddle and want to share this wonderful experience with you.

That’s why we offer our cuddle service.

Instead of spending your free time on typical things such as sport and cinema, you can also do something for your body and soul – cuddle with a professional. This is already an everyday thing in America, but is still new and unusual in Europe. Physical touch, along with sleep and food, is a fundamental human need. If you don’t get to cuddle with friends, family or partners, then you definitely have a deficit in your everyday life. There is plenty reasearch in this field, some of it you can find on our website under “Philosophy“.

Here, we would like to offer our services. In a personal, but also professional framework, these needs can be expressed and satisfied. (70€/h) As a small group, we currently work from Vienna, Leipzig, Hannover, Berlin. You can check out under “Cuddlers“, if there is a cuddler nearby you. If you are interested in working with us as a professional cuddler, have a look at “Society“. Here we explain how you can apply for working with us, by becoming a member of our society for professional cuddlers.

What do we mean by cuddling? For us, this means physical contact that is neither sexual nor in the area of massage. This goes from sitting next to each other to hugging or caressing. You’ll find more information under Philosophy“. (Here you can also find articles about the cuddle chest in the media.)

Interested? Have a look at How does it work?” and maybe we’ll see each other soon!

If you have any questions, please contact us via email: cuddlerslisi@gmail.com .

NEW: We now offer a workshop for people working as doctors or nurses, people who take care of others and need to touch their patients a lot. In our workshop we concentrate on finding good ways for professional touching but also on techniques for after work, to avoid burnout and other symptoms of stress. Just email us.

Breaking News! There is an online article on the cuddle chest on bento.de!!
Professional cuddling as vocation. How did I invent my own job?