How does it work?

If you’re convinced that you want to try out cuddling with us, please fill out the form (“Registration”). Beside name and email address, please send us a short description of with whom you want to cuddle and why. What do you expect from your cuddle experience? Please give us a potential date and time for the cuddle session.

If everything works out, please come to the address that we gave you with the amount of money that was determined (60€ is the regular price, 50€ for students etc.).

It would be nice if you take a shower before coming to the appointment.

If we cuddle for the first time, you will get a set of rules (also beforehand per mail if you wish), which will have to be signed prior to cuddling by both parties. You can also find those rules here on our website under “terms and conditions”. We use the first 10 minutes for a short introduction and expressing special wishes that should to be respected. After that, the cuddling can begin!

If everything goes well, after 50 minutes of cuddling, everybody is happy and satisfied with the experience.If you have personal questions you want to ask your chosen cuddler, please send him or her an email. (See “People”). The appointment has to be fixed through the form though.