Sandra Portz


Alter: 44

"Sometimes closeness is so strange to us that we need strangers to come close to ourselves again." (Thomas Bäder)

In my early thirties I was able to experience in groups (body-oriented psychotherapy) that unintentional touch was an essential part of my healing process. Spontaneous cuddle units on dance & mindfulness workshops have accompanied me on my way ever since. They awaken feelings of security and connectedness in me. The basic need for touch and cuddles connects us all together. Therefore, it is my heartfelt wish to share these valuable experiences and to meet you at heart level. And I am very pleased to be the first professional cuddler in Luxembourg.

It is said about me that I am a warmhearted, loving and gentle cuddler. That's why I invite you to be touched and hold mindfully. Unintentional cuddling at eye level. I accept you as you are. I gladly offer you this safe and secured space.

Important informations:
- I do not use synthetic fragrances (body & clothes & room), so that even highly sensitive people feel comfortable with me. It is important to me that you do not wear synthetic fragrances & deodorants.
-I hold two cats in the apartment.

Regular cuddle times:
-Tuesdays / Thursdays from 17:30 (if agreed a few days before, otherwise only from 19:00).
-Wednesdays / Fridays from 15:00.
-Saturday from 10:00 to last appointment at 17:00.
-Sundays at 10:00.
-latest appointment: 20:00.
-Other times or public holidays also possible (just ask).